Climate Action & Disaster Risk Reduction

Aim:Preserve and protect the environmental integrity of eco-fragile regions and support sustainable use of natural resources.


Climate change will have a widespread impact on population centers and the way society interacts with natural environment. Changes associated with climate change will impact the lives of millions of poor people and have a hampering affect on their economic performance. Mountain communities are at greater risk due to their remote location, poor infrastructure, scarce availability of land and limited opportunities for income generation. Hydrological imbalances will have a direct impact on the lives of mountain communities as well as lowland and coastal communities. Hazards due to changes in geo-climatic characteristics, ranging from earthquakes to glacial lake outburst floods in the Himalayas in the north to drought and floods in the plains will impact the lives of millions.


The impacts of higher temperatures, more variable precipitation, more extreme events, reduced snow cover and melting glaciers will contribute to exploitation of critical natural resources and witness a decline in ecological goods and services, degradation of habitat and loss of biodiversity.

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