MGPO has evolved from an environmental protection organization into a practitioner of integrated development. Its history reflects a steady growth that has shaped its philosophy, nature and scope of work. MGPO’s experience ranges from environmental protection work in the high mountain ranges of Pakistan to integrated rural development programmes in other parts of the country.


All programmes aim to help disadvantaged communities through empowerment and provision of basic needs and services.

MGPO defines its journey as one of cumulative learning and application of that learning to making a qualitative difference in the lives of the communities it serves. In all its interventions, MGPO combines integrated development with multiple levels of capacity building, which unleashes the full potential of communities to meet their needs according to their hopes and aspirations.

Why Integrated Development?

The majority of people in the world are poor. Integrated development creates the enabling environment in which basic needs and essential services are made available to all people.

Integrated development facilitates the transformation process and brings marginalized segments of society into mainstream life. When communities become partners in development, they regard themselves as stakeholders and protect their assets and interests. This unwritten contract is the best guarantee of sustainability.

Our Vision and Mission

Resilient communities with social, economic and environmental adaptive capacities working for a fair future through inclusive approaches. Empowering communities to make equitable social, ecological and democratic choices through integrated and inclusive approaches for poverty reduction and sustainable development

Board of Directors

MGPO’s approach to bringing about change in disadvantaged

communities is multi-sectoral. Development activities are seen as part of an integrated process that can only be achieved by involving strategic allies at all levels in a wide range of support activities. Along with providing essential services, MGPO simultaneously builds communities’ capacity to take care of their own needs and become partners in change.

Our Partners & Donors