Project Title: Community Stewardship and Water Replenishment Program

Year: 2018 – 2019

Project Duration: 1 Year


  • Build community stewardship of water resources to enhance socio-economic and    environmental wellbeing through value creation and replenishment benefits.
  • Align and demonstrate replenishment benefits across multiple people centric Sustainable    Development Goals particularly SDG1 (No Poverty), SDG2 (No Hunger) and SDG 6 (Access to Water).
  • Develop community capacity to cope with climate induced hazards and to manage    natural resources with active role of women in decision making.
  • Facilitate synergistic linkages between local authorities and local community for climate   compatible development.
  • Promote harmony between human activity and nature for sustainable development.



Increased agricultural productivity (crops and fodder)
• Improved social and economic opportunities for asset enhancement
• Ecological restoration (tree plantation, soil stabilization, reduced pressure on habitat)
• Improved nutrition, health and productivity
• Reduced workload on women with Improved physical and emotional wellbeing
• Decreased spending on health and increased savings
• Improved attendance rate of girl child in school
• Community empowerment, inclusive approaches and social cohesion
• Enhanced capacity of community to forge productive linkages
• Greater awareness and knowledge about climate change
• Sustainable management of natural resources



Major Activities undertaken:

5.50 billion litter water replenish to nature.
2700 canals of land to be bring under cultivation.
1200 people (650 male and 550 females) will benefit.
• Engaging community to build consensus with all stake holders on project objectives,  methodology and sustainability
• Formation of community organization through a broad based, representative, transparent, and a socially inclusive process that ensures 50% inclusion of women in decision making.
• Building capacity of community to plan, implement, monitor and manage project activities from inception to completion and post completion.
• Disseminating information on effective management of water resources and raise awareness on the role of women & youth in water stewardship, management of natural resources, health, hygiene and gender empowerment.
• Organizing coordination meetings between local authorities and local communities to develop synergistic linkages for climate compatible development.

Location: Village Katisho Union Council, Kharmong District, Gilgit Baltistan

Project Cost: 10 Million