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Social Mobilization -
Water Disputes and Conflict Resolution
Elemental in its wilderness and unsurpassed in its beauty...

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Social Mobilization

"Get Involved, Safeguard Your Future"

Building social collateral is vital for community transformation. Social mobilization is central to the process of community participation and empowerment through which individuals and communities take direct control over their lives. The awareness it brings about is one of the chief resources for effecting behavioural change. Investment in social capital at the outset of every programme thus serves as the core activity of MGPO's intervention strategy.
The purpose of social mobilization is to develop a comprehensive planning approach that emphasizes political coalition building and community action. The process brings together all feasible and practical inter-sectoral social allies to strengthen community participation for sustainability and self reliance.

"It is not enough to work with people. You need to build trust as well."

The objectives of the Social Mobilization Programme are designed to:

  • Create a cadre of responsible citizens
  • Disseminate awareness about individual and collective responsibility
  • Build the multi-disciplinary capacity of all stakeholders
  • Facilitate coordination between communities and government departments
  • Promote dialogue for conflict resolution
  • Promote gender mainstreaming

Featured Project
Water Disputes and Conflict Resolution

Elemental in its wilderness and unsurpassed in its beauty, the heart of the Karakoram Range is home to the highest concentration of snow clad peaks in Pakistan; it is also one of the most heavily glaciated regions in the world. Yet the people living in the foot hills do not have access to water from the water towers that irrigate acres of land down country. Channelling water is expensive and natural spring sources are not always close to centres of habitation. This means that those who are fortunate to have a spring source on their land claim undisputed water rights over it and refuse to share this precious commodity with their neighbours.
The villages of Testay and Askole in the Upper Braldu Valley in Gilgit Baltistan have lived side by side for hundreds of years. Testay has a perennial spring source to meet its water requirements while Askole depends on snowmelt for irrigation. Less snow means less water and therefore low crop yield, which results in severe food shortage. But the desperate plight of Askole has not moved Testay to share its abundant water resource with its neighbour.

MGPO has been successful in initiating a dialogue between the two communities, which has brought the two sides together to sit down and explore options for cooperation. The process is slow but promises to yield a positive outcome for both communities through an agreement that will be mutually beneficial. Social mobilization has proved to be the most effective tool for bringing people together, scaling down levels of distrust and hostility, and paving the way for better understanding.

"We had known water to be the cause of conflict but didn't realize that it could also become the source of social harmony," says one community member.