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“Give Health, Alleviate Poverty”

Only a healthy community can work towards its own economic growth and prosperity.

Poor healthcare in developing countries such as Pakistan intensifies poverty. Untreated illness deprives the community of effective manpower, increases the domestic workload and affects negatively the mental health of all family members. Rural communities in particular are at risk from lack of health services.

MGPO provides preventive and curative healthcare facilities at the primary level to rural communities where health services are traditionally deficient. The design and equipping of health units place special emphasis on healthcare for the most vulnerable segment of the population - mothers and children.

"It is not enough to build a health centre. You need to value life as well."

The objectives of the Health Programme are achieved by:

  • Building and improving health units
  • Providing furniture and equipment
  • Providing medicines and laboratory consumables
  • Appointing medical staff to meet staff shortages
  • Training medical service providers and building capacity of all stakeholders
  • Facilitating coordination between health management committees and local government
  • Raising overall administrative and healthcare standards
  • Mainstreaming gender
  • Building social capital

Featured Project
Basic Health Unit Kathai

The serenity of rural life in the village of Kathai in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was rudely shattered by the devastating earthquake of 2005. With the balance between man and nature severely disrupted and community resources wiped out on a large scale, community morale was at an all time low. But the greatest disasters sometimes bring out the best in human character. With the support of outside help, the people of Kathai showed a remarkable capacity to rebuild their damaged lives.

Reconstruction of the Basic Health Unit (BHU), undertaken by MGPO with the financial assistance of the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund and the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy, was the catalyst for community renewal.

"I had given up hope but when I saw the new BHU, I realized that if a building could be built back better so could life, and I decided to build a new life for myself," says Shahid Khan, a local resident.

Slowly but surely, hope replaced despair and the collective community spirit soared to new heights. Coping with the fallout from one of the greatest disasters ever experienced in the region brought forth in men and women a remarkable commitment to fight back and reclaim their future.

"The ambulance service now transports women to the BHU and allows them to give birth in a clean environment," says Fatima, a young mother. "I was scared of having my first baby at home but thank goodness, the BHU became operational before my delivery date. My case required surgical intervention and without the ambulance, I would never have reached the hospital in time.”

"The health care services provided at the BHU are the best in the area," admits the District Health Officer.