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Environment - Route to K2
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Social Mobilization -
Water Disputes and Conflict Resolution
Elemental in its wilderness and unsurpassed in its beauty...

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"Preserve Nature, Protect Life"

In developing economies, inequitable resource distribution and a burgeoning population create a scarcity of essential natural resources. Damage to natural capital not only undermines life support systems but erodes the economic basis for future generations.

MGPO operates on the principle that sustainable development and environmental protection are part of the development process and a means through which environmental heritage is used for the benefit of the local population and in accordance with their aspirations.

“It is not enough to protect the environment. You need to live in harmony with nature as well.”

MGPO interventions aim to protect the natural environment by:

• Promoting a balance between human activity and nature so that both can thrive in tandem
• Preserving and protecting eco-fragile areas
• Providing vulnerable communities with social, economic and environmental security
• Building institutional capacity of all stakeholders
• Facilitating coordination between local communities and government departments
• Mainstreaming gender
• Building social capital

Featured Project
Route to K2

Concordia, also known as "throne room of the mountain gods", is situated in the heart of the Karakoram Range in Northern Pakistan. Attracting each year hundreds of people who come to experience this marvel of nature, the 62 kilometre-long trek along the Baltoro Glacier is well worth the arduous journey. One glimpse of K2 is the prize most trekkers covet while the more adventurous set their sights on reaching the 8,611 metre-high summit.

The pristine beauty of this primordial land is marred by the remains of waste - both degradable and non-degradable - generated by human activity. The result is high levels of pollution as well as disturbance of the balance of this most fragile ecosystem. In 2003, MGPO took the initiative to build three campsites along the K2 access route. These campsites provide waste management systems, clean water and toilet facilities. The revenue generated is invested in the local community.

"Before the campsites were built, the stench of rotting waste left by previous campsite users was sickening. Now it is a pleasure to arrive and find a clean place where you can rest body and mind," says a guide.

Building campsites in locations with no mechanical transport access, where all material had to be carried manually in limited loads of 25 kilos, was a challenge of monumental proportions. By dint of sheer determination, MGPO persevered in its task with the result that the nature-based value of this prized ecological landmass has been preserved.

MGPO's pioneering work has helped to reduce pollution and preserve the natural environment but, most important of all, it has created awareness among the local population of their own resource base and the need to preserve and protect this last bastion of wilderness.

"I have trekked extensively but have not seen a campsite like this in the entire Himalayas. Camping here is like reaching an oasis in the desert," says an appreciative tourist.