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Societal values and climate change

WE tend to always think of climate change in the context of food, water and energy security or natural disasters and health, livelihood and productivity. Acknowledging that these will have a direct impact on our daily lives, it is, however, time to take a broader view of this phenomenon as it will alter the way people relate to each other and the environment.

A century ago, the world was a more plentiful place with enough to go around for everybody. There was poverty but the wealth and income divide was not as stark as now, and the difference between the rich and poor was more a result of governance models and practices driven by conquest, acquisition and exploitation.

Living in the age of democracy with a burgeoning population and a shrinking resource base has changed perspectives that will pose challenges of a new kind. These approaches will pit vested interest groups against each other for the grabbing of critical resources, resulting in demographic shifts and societal strife eventually leading to violent conflicts.

Adversity brings out the best and worst in human nature but when life is at stake and the instinct for survival takes over, then even the noblest among us can respond in ways that may seem unimaginable at the present time. The world that is shaping up is not going to have enough to take care of the needs of the 9.5 billion projected population. Nothing at the moment gives confidence that we are taking this threat as real and imminent. Pledges and commitments by themselves are not enough; they need to produce results, and thus far no measurable signs are visible.

It is time to start preparing society for dealing with scarcity and deprivation in ways that are compassionate and empathetic.

The carbon concentration in the atmosphere has gone up from 399.4 parts per million in 2015 to 412 PPM in 2019 and the remaining carbon budget has dipped from 420 gigatons to 350. A warming planet where 74 per cent of the population will not be able to work outside for 20 days in a year and where the lives of 800m people will be at risk in the South Asian region is the world that we will leave behind for our future generations.

It is time to acknowledge that some of the damage is irreversible and many hardships inevitable and that it is time to start preparing society for dealing with scarcity and deprivation in ways that are compassionate and empathetic. The values that we practise today and the ones that we teach our children should be built on the principles of social, ecological and democratic equity.

More Detail:






MGPO, CEO Aisha Khan Recieving Stanford Bright Award for Environmental Sustaninablility on Thursday, October 3, 2019 in Stanford Law School, California

For More Detail:



Aisha Khan, for Pakistan@100, talking about the participatory nature of governance and the need to adapt to climate change.



FO congratulates Aisha Khan over winning top environmental award



CEO Aisha Khan visit to Project Sites,Gilgit Baltistan

Read More: https://www.facebook.com/MountainAndGlacierProtectionOrganization/videos/1400868616726857/



CEO Aisha Khan Mountain guardian wins Stanford’s top environmental award

Read More: https://news.stanford.edu/2019/08/08/mountain-guardian-wins-bright-award/


CEO Aisha Khan as a part of panel at INGAD's , Women & Climate Change event


Practicable Solutions

By Chief Executive MGPO- Aisha Khan

Read More: http://southasia.com.pk/sa-1118/practicable-solutions.html


A short-sighted approach

The Paris Agreement in 2015 at the 21st Conference of Parties, or COP21, was a watershed moment in global efforts to combat climate change. As one of the signatories to the agreement and the Agenda of Solutions, which will apply from 2020, Pakistan submitted its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the UNFCCC that outlines its pledges and plans for climate action.


Read More: https://www.dawn.com/news/1446500/a-short-sighted-approach


Chief Execuitve MGPO Aisha Khan -Interview on Climate Change policy and the way forward

Please Visit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vd8EZrD8z9pglHifdyetM0V--huRsHUz/view?usp=drive_web


Our climate conundrum

By Aisha Khan (CEO MGPO)


Ensconced deep in the heart of the Karakoram mountain range and straddled between India and China lies Gilgit-Baltistan. With its towering peaks and magnificent landscape, it offers a unique experience to visitors.

The region has four peaks that are above 8,000 metres and is called the ‘Third Pole’ for its span of glaciated areas that are only second in size to the polar region. Ironically, the communities that inhabit this land are experiencing a water scarcity. The changing climate is causing variations in the timing of snow and glacier melt, and unpredictability in the quantity and quality of water. The high altitude only permits single-cropping and limited options for diversification in agriculture. Livelihoods here depend on agriculture and livestock, and both are water-driven.


Read More : https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/375513-our-climate-conundrum


The priceless bounty

Water scarcity in the villages of Gilgit-Baltistan affects women the most as they have to fetch water located far away from where they live.

Water scarcity in the villages of Gilgit-Baltistan affects women the most as they have to fetch water located far away from where they live. This week You! highlights an initiative that is helping resolve the issue of water crisis in the region.

Read More: https://www.thenews.com.pk/magazine/you/371680-the-priceless-bounty


Irrigation project to be launched

LAHORE - Mountain and Glacier Protection Organization (MGPO) is launching an ambitious irrigation project in Tholdi village of Khaplu district in Skardu valley at a cost of Rs16.35 million. The project is aimed at helping people to ensure food security in the wake of ever increasing challenges being posed by climate change

Read More: https://nation.com.pk/11-Sep-2018/irrigation-project-to-be-launched















GB to get new irrigation project aimed at ensuring food security


SKARDU: Aiming at irrigating the mountainous and scenic Tholdi village of Khaplu district of Gilgit Baltistan (GB), the Mountain and Glacier Protection Organization (MGPO) is all set to launch an another irrigation project in the area at a cost of around Rs16.35 million to ensure food security and help people who have been facing challenges posed by climate change.

For details see: https://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2018/09/10/water-stewardship-projects-to-be-launched-in-skardu/


Community Stewardship & Water replenishment program


UNDP Pakistan

The Coca-Cola Company partnered with United Nations
Development program (UNDP) Pakistan to work on “New World:
Inclusive Sustainable Human Development Initiatives”

For details see: https://bit.ly/2DMiig0 


UNDP Pakistan

Smal ripples make big waves in a remote village in Gilgit-Baltistan—building environmentally sustainable and resilient communities through access to safe water and sanitation, and improved water resources through community based approaches

For details see: http://bit.ly/2DMiig0


Launching ceremony of "Community Stewardship & Water replenishment for drinking and hygiene" project in village Gole Tassu, Skardu


Pakistani mountaineer Samina Baig to be appointed as UNDP goodwill ambassador

  The "New World: Inclusive Sustainable Human Development Initiatives" Project develops an inclusive partnership mechanism with the Coca-Cola Foundation to encourage participation of civil society organizations (NGOs or Community Based Organizations) to support innovative, inclusive and sustainable solutions to key developmental challenges across several regions, including Europe and Central Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa.  
  A full day consultative session on framing the provincial climate change policy for Baluchistan was held at the Civil Secretariat in Quetta on Tuesday. The event, organized by the Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change (CSCCC) in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Climate Change   
  Vice President PPPP Senator Sherry Rehman during a Climate Change workshop organised by Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change (CSCCC) at Sindh Secretariat , Karachi.  
  Providing Computer Lab Equipment in Pail mirza Sohawa (Gov.Girls High School)  
  Providing Science Lab Equipment in Pail mirza Sohawa (Gov.Girls High School)  
Providing Filter Water dispensers for clean drinking water in Pail mirza Sohawa (Gov.Girls High School)



One Day Awareness Session for Community Members (11 May 2017) in Pail mirza Sohawa (Gov.Girls High School)
  By Aisha Khan


In Pakistan there are 200 million inhabitants, scattered along arid, semi-arid mountains, deserts, coasts and ecosystems. Climate change is a relatively new issue for the governance framework and is gaining importance in the public domain. Approximately 28% of the population of Pakistan are in poverty and many more are at risk of falling into it. Climate change will exacerbate the vulnerability of poor populations and jeopardize the food, water and energy security of all citizens. Pakistan's response to climate change has evolved since 2012 with the implementation of the first National Policy on Climate Change. The architecture of governance around climate change in Pakistan was designed collectively among civil society and decision makers. This co-creation legacy is a promising base for the establishment of the Open Government Alliance (OGP).

For further details please visit.



Launching Ceremony of Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change (CSCCC)

Pakistan has taken initiatives to cope with climate change challenges: Zahid


Vice President PPPP Senator Sherry Rehman during a Climate Change workshop organised by Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change (CSCCC) at Sindh Secretariat , Karachi.


Syed Abu Ahmed Akif, Secretary Ministry of Climate Change, Dr. Zakir Hussain ConservatorBaltistan,visited MGPO irrigation projects in village Chowar. Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP) is a project of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), Direct Aid Program (DAP) Australia and Social Action Program (SAP) Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Syed Abu Ahmed Akif, Secretary Ministry of Climate Change inaugurated the Siksa irrigation water channel.The project financed by Coca Cola-UNDP will replenish 5.5 billion liters of water per annum and irrigate 355 hectare land.


Syed Abu Ahmed Akif, Secretary Ministry of Climate Change launched the tree plantation campaign under Green Pakistan Programat Village Siksa, Union Council Siksa, Tehsil Khaplu, District Ghanche, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. 3500 treeswere planted in phase one as part of Green Pakistan Program.




The Open Government Partnership (OGP)

MGPO participated in the OGP Summit held in Paris on 5-9 December 2016 representing CSCCC with a view to enhancing civil society role in co-creation of policies through greater access to data, transparency & public participation.


The Open Government Partnership (OGP)

is a multilateral global initiative formulated in 2011 that seeks to bridge the divide between governments and citizens by making governments more open, accountable and responsive to citizens. OGP aims to achieve this by securing concrete commitments from governments around the world in order to promote transparency, empower citizens, combat corruption, and employ new technologies to strengthen governance.  OGP is overseen by representatives of both government and civil society organizations in order to uphold the spirit of multi-stakeholder collaboration.
Pakistan became a member of OGP in December 2016 at the OGP Summit in Paris.


Prime Minister's

Green Pakistan Program

Spring Tree Plantings 2017

" Going Back to Indigenous Local Tree Species"



Capacity Building Training for Teaching Facuilty

Teachers Training Workshop on 12th & 13th April 2017

"Improving Educational Quality & Access for Girls"




Capacity Building Training for Teaching Facuilty

Training Refresher Workshop on 11th April 2017

"Improving Educational Quality & Access for Girls"




  working together for a better future

Supporting disadvantaged students from MPCL’s Daharki Field area to access higher education was identified by MGPO for inclusion in the MPCL CSR program. It is an established fact that individuals with higher level of education earn more and are more likely to be employed. The social benefits of higher education cannot be measured as easily as financial gain but play a pivotal role in the quality of citizen engagement as active and equal partners in sustainable development. MPCL is now working in partnership with IBA Sukkur and co-sharing cost of tuition for students that meet the eligibility criteria after going through a special course run by IBA Sukkur (Talent Hunt Program) to help students improve GPA score



An innovative approach to improve learning outcomes

Mountain and Glacier Protection Organization working in partnership with  Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) through its Corporate Social Responsibility Program launched an innovative pilot project to improve teacher capacity and learning outcomes at Shaheen Private School in Union Council Dad Laghari, Tehsil Dharaki District Ghotki, Sindh.






An innovative approach to mother & child healthcare

Mountain and Glacier Protection Organization working in partnership with Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) through its Corporate Social Responsibility Program launched an innovative pilot to improve mother and child health care service at its facility in Union Council Dad Laghari District Ghotki.

The Ma Mobile outreach program will serve as an electronic health manual for women providing them with voice activated advisories/alerts to ensure compliance of maternity visit protocols, dietary requirements and emergency symptoms to protect the health of mother and child and at the same time give them awareness about birth spacing, family planning and timely reminders for early childhood



Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change (CSCCC)

MGPO helped to organize the first event of Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change in collaboration with the Ministry of Climate Change and the French Embassy for a Pre-COP dialogue, bringingstakeholders from diverse sectors to engage in a meaningful conversation.
The dialogue was designed to deliberate with legislators, policy makers, and civil society including the media on the key elements of Pakistan’s “Intended Nationally Determined Contribution”with a view to sharing/receiving expert opinion from participants to frame Pakistan’s agenda at the Conference of Parties hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco in Marrakech on 7-18 November 2016.
The event attracted broad based participation and was conducted through moderated sessions allowing all participants opportunity for robust exchange of views and giving recommendations on way forward to cope with the challenges of climate change.


GGHS Pail Mirza Training

MGPO and MPCL arranged seven-days training for students of GGHS Pail Mirza, Sohawa, District Jhelum 11-18 June 2015. The students and teachers of an elite private school conducted the trainings organized by MGPO. The objective of the training was to improve the students English Language and Information technology skills.
At the end of the trainings, certificates were awarded to the participating students and teachers. Students, teachers and MPCL representatives highly appreciated the intervention.

BHU Karunta, Sohawa, Jhelum

Construction of Basic Health Unit (BHU) Karounta in Tehsil Sohawa, District Jhelum is in progress. The earlier BHU building was declared dangerous by the health department. The project is being implemented with the funds provided by Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) under its CSR program in coordination with the DCO Jhelum. The project is expected to be completed and start providing services by September 2015.

GHS Gurial, Neelum, AJK

The project Funded by Embassy of Switzerland in Islamabad aims to improving physical environment and learning outcomes at GHS Gurial, Jagran Valley, Neelum, AJ&K. The school was in need of essential repairs, WASH facilities and capacity building. The project has provided new toilets, repair and improvement in water supply, construction of a drinking point for students, repair and renovation of school building, training of teachers, strengthening parent-teacher council, provision of basic furniture and increase health awareness.

LACIP Update

In collaboration with PPAF Livelihood Support and Promotion of Small Community Infrastructure Project (LACIP) in District Buner has been completed. The project started in July 2012 targeting two union councils in Tehsil Khadokhel including Chinglai and Ghurghoshto. Goal of the project was to improve quality of life of the poor population in target Union Councils. The project comprised of three components: Institutional Development (ID), Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI), Education.

HRE Project Utror, Swat

MGPO is working in UC Utror, tehsil Kalam, district Swat. MGPO formed 40 community organizations and 4 village organizations. To build the capacity of the members of community institutions MGPO arranged 3 Community Management & Skills Trainings (CMST) each of three days in UC Utror. The trainings were designed to strengthen community in record keeping, and linkages development. The training aims to enhance the knowledge, skill and capabilities of the participants in planning and managing their developmental activities and to best utilize available local resources.

Exposure Visits of Community Institutions

MGPO planned to organize exposure visits to Community institutions of other PPAF Partner. In this regard 5 exposure visits conducted in which PPAF partners in district Kohistan,Swat,Chitral,Mansehra and Khushab were visited. The purpose of these exposure visits was to learn from the experience of others by direct interaction. The visits were organized to learn from the success of well functional institutions formed by other organizations as well from the process of their social mobilization.


MGPO in collaboration with PPAF, is working in district Buner for empowering community to make informed choices and share responsibility for development and sustainability. We organize community in three tiers i.e COs, VOs, LSOs and provide them trainings to strengthen their capacity. In two UCs of Buner MGPO formed 125 COs and trained them in record keeping and management of CO activities.

First Training of Village Organization (VO)

MGPO conducted the first VO training in district Buner UC Ghorghushto. It was a three day training in which 20 participants, 10 each from VO Baidar Zalmi and Naya Sawera participated. The purpose of the training was to strengthen their capacity in preparation of Village Development Plan as well to develop productive linkages with other government and non government organizations for solving their local problems.

''Mountain Festival'' in Islamabad, 12 December 2013

With theme "Mountains - Key to a Sustainable Future" International Mountain Day (IMD) is celebrated by MGPO in collaboration with ICIMOD, IUCN, PARC, and Ministry of National Food Security and Research on 12th December 2013 at National Agriculture Research Centre, Islamabad, by organizing one day "Mountain Festival". During the event major activities are half day seminar and the "Educators School System" students' performance that highlighted mountain importance; and an exhibition to showcase various products, and research work. Objective of celebrating IMD is to raise awareness on Sustainable Mountain Development.

Two Days Primary School Head Teachers Training

MGPO arranged Two day Primary schools Head Teachers training of two union councils Ghorghusto and Chinglai District Buner KP held on 24-25 November 2013. The content of the training were:
Qualities and skills of a good Head Teacher, Quality Education & Child Personality Development, Effective Classroom Management
Effective Teaching Methods, Learning Domains (Cognitive, Effective, Psychomotor) with more focus on Cognitive domain and its levels, Classroom Observation (Assessing teachers' performance) and effective feedback to staff teachers, Pre-Training and Post-Training Assessment

First Formation of Village Organization (VO)

Building Self managed Community Organizations (COs) at hamlet level is an Institutional Building strategy of MGPO in district Buner . These COs are formed and strengthened to implement subprojects under "Livelihood Support and Promotion of Small Community Infrastruc-ture Project" (LACIP) funded by PPAF. MGPO completed COs formation and now forming Village Organizations at revenue village level. The VO is federation of all COs formed in the village. In this connection MGPO formed the first Village Organization "Baidar Zalmay" for revenue village Swawai, district Buner.

National Youth Forum on Mountain Issues and Post 2015 Developmwnt Agenda, 25-27 October 2013

Asia Pacific Youth task Force on Rio+20 (volunteer commitment of Asia Pacific youth), International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and Mountain & Glacier Protection Organization (MGPO) organiz-ed three days Youth Forum in Islamabad. It aim to bring together youth from diverse background to discuss on issues of common concern and capture their deliberations in the form of declarations and enriching their knowledge and understanding on sustainable mountain development.

National Youth Forum on Mountain Issues and post 2015 Development Agenda, 25-27 October 2013

Dr Qamar u Zaman Chudhry - Senior Advisor (Climate Change) LEADs Pakistan as Guest Speaker, Key Note Speaker Ms Aisha Khan- CEO MGPO, Key Note Speaker Mr Farid Ahmad- Head of Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation ICIMOD and Key Note Speaker Ms Anja Moller Rasmussen -Senior Manager, Knowledge Management and communication- ICIMOD Nepal participated in the opening ceremony. Whereas, Mr Hanan Abbasi– President National Youth Assembly, Mr Tanweer Ahmad- Program Manager MGPO, Mr Irshad Ramay- Coordinator NCPC joined the closing ceremony.

Monsoon tree plantation launched

MGPO launched "Monsoon tree plantation campaign" on 5th September, 2013, in collaboration with Forest and Education department, PTC and school administration of 24 Government Public Schools (GPS) in Buner. The campaign launched in GPS Gujjarabad, where a total number of 300 school students participated in the launching ceremony. The aim of tree planta-tion campaign is to create awareness about environmental conservation at the school level and establish linkages and ownership amongst students, PTC members & communities with their immediate environment.

World Environment day

World Environment day was celebrated on 5 June 2013 in GPS Sher Ali Kotay, UC Ghurghushto, Khyber Paktunkhwa. The main purpose of the activity was to raise environmental awareness in children and community. Seventy children and thirty five community members participated in the event.  This one day celebration also aimed at encouraging co-curricular activities in the school. Education officers from MGPO, the head teacher of school (Mr. Abdulah) and chief guest (Dr. Sultan Zeb) addressed the participants.

LACIP Improves Primary School Infrastructure in Buner

The education component of this project aims at improving physical environment and learning outcomes at primary schools in union councils Ghurghoshto and Chinglai, District Buner The activities include construction of additional rooms, repair and renovation of school, training of teachers, strengthening parent-teacher councils, provision of basic furniture and improvement of learning environment to reduce attrition and increase enrolment.

Annual General Body Meeting

Annual General Body Meeting Held in MGPO Head Office on 28th January 2013. The AGM elected Lt. Gen(R) Nadeem Ahmed as the new chair person of MGPO Board. Ms. Malika Haneef, Mr. Shafqat Kakahel, Maj. Gen(R) Mahmud Ali Durrani, Dr. Anjum Riyazul haque, Ms. Seemi Ezdi, Dr. Shaukat Mahmood Malik were elected as new BOD members

Livelihood Support and Small Community Infrastructure Project

LACIP is funded by Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) in partnership with KFW. The components of the project reflect the integrated approach of PPAF and its desire to bring change through multi sectoral programs based on the needs of the community and designed to reflect their hopes and aspirations.. The project will be implemented in 7 Districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. MGPO will work in 4 Union Councils in District Buner

Entry point of Central Karakorum National Park

MGPO activities under the SEED project in 2012 include repair & maintenance work on existing campsites & construction of infrastructure to establish the entry point of Central Karakorum National Park (CKNP). The entry point will serve as the gateway to CKNP. The Park Directorate staff will use the entry point to carry out its functions to ensure compliance of park rules & regulations by tourists & local community

Bhutan +10 Conference

In October 2012 MGPO participated in the Bhutan +10 Conference on Gender & Sustainable Mountain Development in a Changing World. The conference carried out a comprehensive stock taking & sharing of the state of the art on gender aspects of mountain development & natural resource management since celebrating Mountain Women Conference in 2002, and also set agenda for gender transformative change in the post Rio + 20 world & beyond the Millennium Development Goals

Central Karakorum National Park

MGPO participated in the mid-term review of the Stakeholder's Integration & Harmonization of Sustainable Development Interventions in the Central Karakorum National Park, organized by UNEP and held in Kathmandu, Nepal in March 2012

Inauguration Government High School Khunbandway, AJ&K

Government High School Khun Bandway District Muzaffarabad Azad Jammu & Kasmir (AJ&K) inaugurated by Prime Minister AJ&K Ch. Abdul Majeed on 14th September 2012. The school was completely destroyed by the earth quake in 2005. The new school has been rebuilt with funding received from the department of International Development UK at a cost of Rs. 53,224,887 for construction, furniture & equipment

Inauguration Government High School Khunbandway, AJ&K

PM AJ&K Ch. Abdul Majeed unveils the plaque to inaugurate GHS Khun Bandway on 14th September 2012. Chairman Earthquake Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) Mr. Hamid Yar Hiraj and Deputy Chairman ERRA Maj. Gen. Muhammad Azeem Asif were also present at the ceremony

Inauguration Government High School Khunbandway, AJ&K

PM AJ&K Ch. Abdul Majeed tours GHS Khun Bandway, AJ&K

Inauguration Government High School Khunbandway, AJ&K

PM AJ&K Ch. Abdul Majeed addresses students & guests at the inaugural ceremony of GHS Khun Bandway, AJ&K

Inauguration Water Supply Scheme GHS Khun Bandway, AJ&K

Gen (R) Mahmud Durrani inaugurates water supply scheme funded by Khalida Tareen for GHS Khun Bandway

Inauguration Ali Akbar Awan Govt. Model High School, Muzaffarabad, AJ&K

Ali Akbar Awan Govt. Model High School (GMHS) was inaugurated by Mr. George Turkington Head of DFID Pakistan on 7 September 2012. The school has a covered area of 65,614 sq. feet with seating capacity for 2000 students

Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation by George Turkington at Ali Akbar Awan GMHS to mark the
Inauguration of the school on 7 september 2012

Students celebrating the completion of Ali Akbar Awan GMHS in Muzaffarabad, AJ&K

Inauguration of AAA GMHS Website

George Turkington launches website of Ali Akbar Awan GMHS. The website is designed by the students of the school. This is the first & only school in AJ&K with its own website

Inauguration Ceremony

Ali Akbar Awan GMHS welcomes George Turkington, Head of DFID at the inauguration ceremony of Ali Akbar Awan GMHS, Muzaffarabad, AJ&K

MGPO Presents model of Ali Akbar Awan GMHS school to George Turkington at the inaugural function of the school

Lunch Hosted by MGPO

Lunch hosted by MGPO to celebrate the inauguration of Ali Akbar Awan GMHS at Pearl Continental, Muzaffarabad, AJ&K

Head of DFID visit to GGMHS, Muzaffarabad, AJ&K

George Turkington Head of DFID Pakistan visiting skill development centre
at Govt. Girls Model High School, Muzaffarabad, AJ&K

Head of DFID visit to GGMHS, Muzaffarabad, AJ&K

George Turkington enjoys snacks prepared by students during their cooking class at Govt. Girls Model High School, Muzaffarabad, AJ&K

Inauguration GHS Chattar Klass, Muzaffarabad, AJ&K

GHS Chattar Klass was inaugurated by Deputy Chairman ERRA Maj. Gen. Azeem Asif on 7 June 2012. The school has a capacity to seat 580 students with a special section for girls. Twenty five girl students are enrolled in grade 9 and 10. This number is likely to increase next year. Permission to allow girls to utilize this facility reflects an enlightened approach towards gender equity by the education department and the local community in AJ&K.

GHS Ali Akbar Awan

GHS Ali Akbar Awan is the oldest and largest school in Muzaffarabad AJ&K. The School was destroyed in the 2005 earthquake. Funding for this 65614ft square feet building was provided by DFID. Despite time constraints and other construction related issues, work is on schedule and completion is ecpected by end June 2012.

Students of GHS Bandi Sayedan Stands out

Two students of GHS Bandi Sayedan bagged top positions in the entire district in the first Board Elementary and Primary examination. The Principal was highly appreciated for his dedicated efforts in motivating and guiding his staff. The teachers of GHS Bandi Sayedan were trained by MGPO in New Teaching Methodologies and Joyful Learning's.

GHS Chattar Klass handed over to the Education Department on 1. 3.12

GHS Chattar Klass was handed over the Education Department on 1. March 2012. The school is constructed with a 580 student capacity with a special section for girls. The school has established Education Fund. Special transformer was installed in the school to meet electricity needs of the school.
The school has computer lab, science lab, library and a multipurpose hall

Ali Akbar Awan

Work in progress, Day and night shifts working 24 hours. SMC, Mothers & Youth groups formed and Education Fund initiated.

GHS Chattar Klass

70% of work completed. Transformer for electricity has been installed. All the students and Teachers are geared for the new school.

Inauguration of Government Boys High School Pilot 1 Muzaffarabad

Built with the financial support of UKAID Department for International Development and executed by MGPO. The school was inaugurated by PM Pakistan Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on 8 October 2011 to mark the 6th anniversary of Earthquake 2005. The PM contributed Rs 2 million to the school Education fund. The school has a built up area 42077 sq.ft and capacity of 1386 students. The construction cost is 148,470,335 and the Furniture & Equipment cost id 6,463,050.

Inauguration of Government Girls High School Muzaffarabad

Built with the financial support of UKAID Department for International Development and executed by MGPO. The school was inaugurated by Deputy Chairman ERRA Lt. Gen Sardar Mahmood Ali Khan on 9 October 2011. The Deputy Chairman landed the contribution of DFID and the execution under the supervision of MGPO. The school has a built up area 34525 sq.ft and capacity of 1134 students. The construction cost is 97,482,516 and the Furniture & Equipment cost is 5,481,322.

Ground Breaking Ceremony of GHS Ali Akbar Awan

The ground breaking ceremony of GHS AAA was performed by Deputy Chairman ERRA on 9 October 2011. The Built up area of this school is 61659 sq.ft and it has capacity for 1750 students. The estimated cost of construction is 156,307,742. The school is targeted for completion by June 2012.

Inauguration of Houses Reconstructed by MGPO

MGPO completes reconstruction of houses for flood affecties. Houses were inaugurated by Mr. Sajid Chauhan Commissioner Skardu in September 2011. Total 24 houses were reconstructed 8 in village Hoto and 16 in village Frano. The total construction cost is 3.6 Million.

Primary School Satpara Baltistan GB

School building being renovated by MGPO with additional toilet facilities. Work also in progress on boundary wall for School.

FAP (First Aid Post) Hoto Baltistan GB

Renovation work by MGPO on FAP building is in progress. MGPO working in collaboration with District Administration Skardu to provide healthcare services to village Hoto through FAP.

Damage Assessment

In September 2011 MGPO Team Conducted Damage Assessment of Mud Flood in Talis District Ganche Baltistan. Damage includes Livelihood, infrastructure, and 131 homes.

Meeting with the Community

MGPO Team had a meeting with women’s of Talis in September 2011. The women prioritized support for livelihood and reconstruction of girl’s school destroyed by the mud flood.